Restorathon 2012, March 1, 2, & 3!

February 27, 2012

Restorathon, our annual pledge drive, will begin this Thursday at 7 AM. As a listener supported radio station, Gospel 90.3 relies on the funds pledged these three days to allow us to keep broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please tune-in, pray, and pledge during Restorathon 2012, March 1-3. Operators will be standing by to take your pledge at 1-888-422-9583. 

Although some of you may not be able to experience the excitement of Restorathon in person, you can watch and listen live via this website!

The following is a list of the appreciation packages we will be offering to those who pledge their support during Restorathon 2012.

Appreciation Packages for Restorathon 2012

$40 to $49………….T-Shirt & license plate

 $50 to $99………….T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

$100 to $199………T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

$200 to $364………T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

$365+ (Daily Manna Club)………T-Shirt, license plate, Gospel 90.3 Hat & Choice of:

Restorathon 2011 Appreciation Packages

February 18, 2011

Restorathon 2011 t-shirt & Sport Bottle, this year's Daily Manna Club gift.

Here is a list of the appreciation packages that will be available this year. Look over it and decide which gift you would like receive during Restorathon 2011.

Appreciation Packages for Restorathon 2011

$40 to $49…………T-Shirt and license plate

$50 to $99………….T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

Downing Family CD: “Walk the Sea With Me”

Blackwood Brothers Quartet CD: “75 Years: The Song Will Go On”

Lois & India Rasquinha CD: “Cleanse Me”

$100 to $199………T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver CD: “Light On My Feet, Ready to Fly”

Inspirations CD: “On the Sunrise Side”

Brian Free & Assurance CD: “Acappella”

$200 to $364………T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

Inspirations Package:
Inspirations CD: “On the Sunrise Side”
Inspirations 2-CD Set: “The Inspirations Live – Favorites of 45 Years”

Kid’s Package:
Patch the Pirate CD: “The Legend of Stickyfoot”
“The Legend of Stickyfoot” Choral Book
Coloring Book: “Coloring Adventures with Patch the Pirate”

Family Harmony Package:
Downing Family CD: “Walk the Sea With Me”
Sandy Creek Revival CD: “Sandy Creek Revival”

$365+ (DMC)………T-Shirt, license plate, Gospel 90.3 Sports Bottle & Choice of:
Dixie Echoes 50th Anniversary Package:
Dixie Echoes CD: “I’d Rather Have Jesus”
Dixie Echoes CD: “Golden Celebration”
Dixie Echoes DVD: “The Dixie Echoes: Best of the Jubilee Years”

Old Friends Package:

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver CD: “Light On My Feet, Ready to Fly”

Paul Williams & Victory Trio CD: “Just a Little Closer Home”
Crowe, Lawson & Williams CD: “Old Friends Get Together”

Sacred Gospel Package:
Lois & India Rasquinha CD: “Cleanse Me”
Brian Free & Assurance CD: “Acappella”
Mike Paramore CD: “Still Pickin’ On Patch”

Landmark Hour Package:

“Revelation Series, Part 3” (Chapters 17-22)

Pastor Carter’s 40th Anniversary DVD

Gospel 90.3 CD Case

Meet Brian & Karen Stanek!

December 29, 2010

Brian and Karen Stanek are members of the WLVF team who will soon be representing us in Israel. Their work in Israel will include non-biased reporting from Israel on topics such as… Israel’s national security; attacks on Israel and Israel’s retaliatory strikes; the land (borders; properties; developments; etc…), foreign policy makers and their demands on Israel to comply; etc…; hosting interviews; and human interest stories. The Stanek’s in essence, will be touching the lives of every class of Israel’s citizens, from the noble to those that go unnoticed.

Presently the Stanek’s are raising much needed support for their move to Israel and could use your help with either a onetime donation, and or a promissory commitment to a weekly or monthly amount. We ask that you make your contributions through your Church. If you have no Church, please make all donations payable to Landmark Baptist Church, 2020 E. Hinson Avenue, Haines City, FL, 33844. Be sure to mark the memo…The Staneks Israel.

Please help with much needed prayer and financial support to expedite the Stanek’s arrival to Israel. The Stanek’s have a long standing working relationship with our organization and will be providing us with periodic reports that will be broadcasted on WLVF Gospel 90.3 FM, and

Brooke Jeanette Amos

May 25, 2010

Say “Hello” to Brooke Jeanette Amos. She is the first born child of Stephen and Donna Amos. Stephen is the host of “Midday Meditations” and also serves as our production manager. Brooke was born on May 19, 2010 at 4:59 p.m. She weighed in at 8 pounds and was 20.5 inches long.

Featured CDs for the Month of April

April 7, 2010

As many of you know, each month Midday Meditations and the Headin’ Home Show feature a CD of the month. Each deejay respectively will play a song or two from their CD of the month and often give you some background information on the song, the artist, or the song writer.

This month during Midday Meditations, which airs each weekday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon,  host Stephen Amos is featuring Greater Vision’s CD “Hymns of the Ages.” For this project Greater Vision endeavored to present the gospel chronologically from creation to the second coming of Christ. Some of the hymns included on this CD are “All Creatures of Our God and King,” “The Stranger of Galilee,” “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today,” and “Jesus Is Coming Again Medley.” Members of the Prague Symphony Orchestra join Greater Vision for this majestic collection of hymns.

Midday Meditation's CD of the month

Each weekday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., the Headin’ Home Show hosted by Lewis Cruz will feature a new CD by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. The recording is “Light On My Feet, Ready To Fly” and if you like down home, gospel bluegrass you are going to love this CD. It contains some fast paced, foot stompin’ songs, along with some wonderful and poignant slow numbers. One song worth noting is “He Will Remember Me.” It tells the story of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who finds peace in knowing that no matter who or what they forget, God will always remember them. Bluegrass great Dale Perry has rejoined the group and resumed his duties as banjo picker and bass singer. Lewis believes that this is one of the best recordings that Doyle Lawson has produced in recent years. Both the vocal harmonies and musicianship are stellar.

Headin' Home's CD of the month

Sights & Sounds of Restorathon 2010

March 12, 2010

Restorathon 2010 was an amazing three days to say the least. It was truly an interactive event. Thousands listened via Gospel 90.3 FM and Some were able to stop by “Restorathon HQ” and experienced both the sights and sounds of Restorathon in person. For the first time in Restorathon history we added a web cam which allowed those online to view Gospel 90.3′s studio during the last four hours of our revival on the radio. Another Restorathon first is a slideshow containing audio, pictures, and video of this year’s activity. Click on any of the sldeshow links to watch it. We would like to give a very special “thank you” to Mrs. Carolyn Lee for producing the wonderful slideshow.

Restorathon 2010 Gifts & T-shirt

February 23, 2010

Many folks have asked about the various appreciation gifts we are offering this year during Restorathon.  So the following is a list of the gifts.

Appreciation Packages for Restorathon 2010

$50 to $99………….T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

Dixie Echoes CD: “So Many Reasons”

Set Apart CD: “Faithful God”

Mike Paramore CD: “More Pickin’ On Patch”

$100 to $199………T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

Inspirations CD: “The Son Came Down”

Rochesters CD: “We’ve Met to Worship”

George Beverly Shea CD: “How Sweet the Sound, My All-Time Favorites”

$200 to $364………T-Shirt, license plate, & Choice of:

Family & Friends Package – Inspirations CD: “The Son Came Down” & McKameys CD: “The Message”

Kid’s Package – Patch the Pirate CD: “Kung Phooey Kid”, “Kung Phooey Kid Choral Book” & Patch the Pirate CD: “All-Time Favorites”

Comedy Package - Dennis Swanberg DVD: “The Swan’s Bail Out With Laughter” & Dennis Swanberg DVD: “Life is Short…Laugh Hard!”

$365+ (DMC)………T-Shirt, license plate, Gospel 90.3 Travel Mug & Choice of:

Classic Gospel Package – Masters Five CD: “From the Vaults of Skylite Recording Co.”, Oak Ridge Quartet CD: “From the Vaults of Skylite Recording Co.” & Dixie Echoes CD: “So Many Reasons”

Gospel Bluegrass Package – Set Apart CD: “Faithful God”, Rochesters CD: “We’ve Met To Worship” & Paul Williams & Victory Trio CD: “What A Journey”

Sacred Gospel Package – Mike Paramore CD: “More Pickin’ On Patch”, George Beverly Shea CD: “How Sweet the Sound, My All-Time Favorites” & Greater Vision CD: “Hymns of the Ages”

Here’s a picture of the Restorathon 2010 T-shirt and Gospel 90.3 Travel Mug. If you would like to pledge your financial support to Gospel 90.3, please call us toll-free at 1-888-422-9583 or donate via paypal.

Christmas bells & prizes!

December 10, 2009

Are you ready for some great Christmas music, lots of fun, and a chance to win wonderful prizes? Well, tune-in to Gospel 90.3 all next week (December 14 – 18) for our Annual Classic Christmas Giveaway! When you hear the Christmas bells, call us at 863-422-9583 or toll-free at 1-888-422-9583. Caller nine will be our contestant and will get to choose a red, gold or green gift. When the gift is opened and you hear the Whos from Whoville singing, you’re a winner; but , if you hear the Grinch, well, you know the rest. It’s going to be a great time you won’t want to miss!

He’s back!

November 13, 2009

Tom the Turkey is back on the air for Gospel 90.3′s Annual Turkey Shoot, November 16-20. When you hear Tom the Turkey gobble, call us at 863-422-9583 or toll-free at 1-888-422-9583. Caller number nine will get their “shot” at the ol’ bird. If you hit him, you win a Publix gift card just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Stay tuned to Gospel 90.3 for all the fun and excitement.

Cowboys & Patriots

October 29, 2009

November is almost here and there are two events that we at the Landmark Baptist Church would like to invite you to attend. A new season of Senior Patriots begins Saturday, November 7th. Senior Patriots is a weekly meeting where senior citizens in the Central Florida area gather for some fun and fellowship. Every Saturday morning at 10 a.m. from November through March there will be some great gospel music, a gospel message, and a delicious meal. Throughout the season there are also some wonderful Senior Patriot trips to various sites and events in the area.

Yeehaw! You’re invited to Round Up Sunday, November the 8th. On this day folks young and old will don their western garb as we try to “round up” as many visitors as possible for church that morning. Sunday school begins at 10 a.m. and the morning service follows at 11 a.m. A nursery for the infants and toddlers is available, and there are Sunday school classes for every age group. So polish up those cowboy boots, dust off that ten gallon hat, and come join us for Round Up Sunday.

If you have any questions about Senior Patriots or Round Up Sunday feel free to contact the Landmark Baptist Church at 863-422-2037 or visit

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